Wire Drawing Machine Solution

The wire drawing machine is also called a pull drawing machine. Wire drawing machine is a widely used mechanical equipment used in industrial applications, it is used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, and plastic, bamboo and wood products, wire and cable and other industries.

The wire drawing machine can be divided into a straight-through type and a water tank type by means of stretching. The wire diameter can be divided into a large drawing machine, a middle drawing machine, a fine drawing machine and a micro-drawing machine, etc.

The straight-through wire drawing machine is a small continuous production equipment consisting of a plurality of drawing heads. By drawing one by one, the wire can be cold-drawn to the required specifications at one time, so the working efficiency is relatively high. However, since the wire diameter of the wire changes after each stage of drawing, the working line speed of each drawing head should also be changed. Features: multiple plucking heads, multiple frequency conversion, multiple PID adjustment.

The principle of straight wire drawing machine

(1) The working principle of the straight wire drawing machine is to control the metal flow time of each reel to be equal.

(2) The wear of the wire drawing die, the fluctuation of the motor speed, the unevenness of the wire thickness and the like are detected by the displacement sensor, and the PID algorithm is used as the speed compensation.

(3) The speed of the last reel is given as the main, and the other reels are given by the reduction ratio and the transmission ratio.

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