How Do Tile Roll Forming Machine Keeps Efficient and Productive Running?

The tile roll forming machine is a very common machine and should be maintained regularly during use. Only in this way can it be used properly, and maintenance should be carried out in several parts. Here's how to maintain the tile roll forming machine, which is divided into filters, hydraulic components and hydraulic oil paths.

Hydraulic oil path: The tile roll forming machine should also be inspected after repairing the hydraulic system and check the tank oil level within one week. When the oil level is in the oil window, add hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil can not be higher than 70. System oil temperature is usually in the range of 35-60 degrees Celsius. If too high, the oil quality and accessories will be damaged.

Filter: The filter should be completely replaced or cleaned. When changing oil, it should be inspected and cleaned every three months. It is best to replace the air filter above the tank once a year. The machine has relevant alarms or other filter anomalies, such as unclean oil quality.

Hydraulic components: Do not use detergents, clean hydraulic components monthly, prevent dust from entering the system, and check the bending position of the pipes in the press is deformed. The new tile press will be in use after 30 days. If there are any anomalies, replace them. After 60 days of use, tighten the connection position of all attachments. Turn off the machine and there is no pressure on the system when doing this work.

Three important parts of the efficient operation of the till roll forming machine

1. Oil pressure part: Pay attention to the cleanliness of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system to maintain the quality of hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil with good stability and high quality should be used. In addition to regular replacement, the operating temperature should be properly controlled below 50 to avoid deterioration affecting the stability of the oil pressure.

2. PLC control part: traditional injection machine using contact relay to switch various movements, due to loose contact screws and contact aging, often failure. Typically, new products should be replaced after one million uses to control the stability of electrical controls. In particular, environmental factors such as dust adhesion and moist air can also affect the movement of the machine. Modern injection molding machines use contactless integrated circuits, which greatly reduce the connection of wires, significantly improve the undesirable phenomena brought about by wires, and improve stability.

3. Mechanical part: the mechanical part should be regularly maintained and lubricated to reduce coefficient of friction and wear, and the headboard nuts and locking screws should be checked regularly to avoid uneven stress caused by fractures. Whether the pressure plate screws on the gears are loose, whether the grease is sufficient, etc.

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